Rise of One

Blood Brute Book 1

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A Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic tale about soulmate MM (male/male) romance with dark, esoteric themes.

Set in a zombie-ridden world packed with myth, vampires, and occult vengeance, Rise of One begins an epic new Paranormal saga, The Blood Brute Series, from award-winning Irish author & poet Dixon Reuel.

After a zombie apocalypse drives humanity to near-extinction, a vampire coven is one of the few peoples left alive, who’ve hidden from humans across all of history.

◆ In this newly-decimated, rotting world, the coven is forced to seek out the last remnants of humanity before all sources of fresh blood are extinguished. But, the vampires soon discover that the struggling apocalypse survivors will not allow themselves to become mere food.

◆ One after the other, as people seek refuge in the coven’s stunning redbrick smallholding of Owl Court, head vampire Rise must shape the fate of this new world. He must protect those inside his walls as, not just the roaming zombie brutes, but vampire hunters of old, soon discover his home…

◆ But Owl Court is no ordinary smallholding: its rooms are shaded from the harsh sunlight, its murky corridors filled with tricky doors. Its walls are lined with thousands of plants and heaving greenery, each tended by the coven’s lone human, the beautiful and pampered Cypriot. Within Owl Court, the coven lived quiet, dull lives until the apocalypse hit. But Rise remains unafraid and undaunted as humanity falls; he understands his duty as the coven’s Invoker and steps up to use his vampiric powers. Rise lives to sustain his coven.

As Rise explores the world beyond Owl Court’s walls, tensions emerge among his fellow vampires and the rescued humans. A terrible fate unravels, revealing a society of vampires beyond what everybody at Owl Court had ever realized!


  • "Another hit! Once again Dixon has knocked it out of the park. Can't wait for the next release!" -- H. Whistberry, Amazon Kindle Reader

  • "Fascinating glimpse into what looks like will be a very intriguing fantasy/horror series." -- G. Taylor, Amazon Kindle Reader

  • "Dixon Reuel is a rising star on the Irish fantasy scene. Combining complicated characters, intricate world-building, and a riveting plot her flair and originality bode well for the full length 'Rise of One'!" -- Kindle Customer, Amazon Kindle Reader

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