• Dixon Reuel

Rise of One is 66% Complete!

Book 1 of The Blood Brute Series, Rise of One, is now two-thirds complete. I'm doing a final re-read of the manuscript in hardcopy, before I send it off for proofing and formatting.

Things are heating up for Rise and his vampire coven:

“Old man, there are always survivors after the collapse of big things,” Rise prepared for the fight to come. Not a fight against any zombie brutes. But against leaving. “We need people. Cypriot will. One day, we’ll look for survivors and they won’t be any, only those base brutes we saw on TV. Then, what will we do for food?”

Add Rise of One and its two free prequels, Finding Home and On the Edge of Salt to your Goodreads To Be Read list now! That way, no matter your preferred retailer, you can read them upon launch!