• Dixon Reuel

Blood Brute Themes & Topics

As I write Fall of Two, Book 2 of the Blood Brute series (cover reveal coming in Feb!), it's interesting to see the themes and topics that emerge. Of course it's all about #zombies and #vampires, but as we follow Rise's journey, it's fascinating to see what else bubbles up to the surface:

1. How the loss of one of your innate talents changes perception of who you are.

2. The nail that sticks out will be hammered down.

3. A course of action that made perfect logical sense to you will be decried by another.

4. Grit, determination, willingness to try will take you far.

5. The environment that people surround themselves with has far-reaching consequences.

6. And--from Picard's mouth itself if you're a #Trekkie--you can do everything right (in your eyes) and still fail. That is life.