Finding Home

Vampires. Zombies. World War I.


Get Ready for a Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Unlike Any Other. In this ground-breaking prequel to the series “Blood Brute”, Dixon Reuel takes you on an exciting journey, filled with horror scenes, excitements and long-lasting thrills.

Those are the early days of World War I, and there’s chaos everywhere. Rise and Cypriot are looking for a new shelter, after they had to abandon their safe home in England. Finding a new home is a hard challenge for an underground vampire - but someone out there is willing to sell his house to a specific type of buyer...

On their way to their new suggested house, an interesting guest joins them. But once they arrive, their simple journey gets filled with shocking kills, tasty blood, gun shots, and much, much more -

Get ready to dive into a shocking story, full of action, horror, and ground-breaking plot that will leave your mouth open all throughout the read! ‘Finding Home’ is a must read for Blood Brute fans - and an amazing read for any post-apocalyptic fiction lovers - guaranteed. 

Get your copy now and find out why!