When a zombie apocalypse ravages the world, head vampire Rise rescues human survivors to feed his coven. But apocalypse survivors are not the type to be merely food. Nor could they ever befriend the coven’s lone human, the beautiful and pampered Cypriot.

When Warwolves, an ancient order of vampire hunters, infiltrate the rescued survivors, Rise resolves to purge all threats to his vampire race. The world, although decimated, seems ripe for rule. Rise could set history on a new path, with the rise of one individual.

Rise of One is a Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Horror novel set in the English countryside, releasing 15th December 2020!

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People together in close quarters. Love naturally follows...

A military VR trainer, wanting to keep her relationship with a fellow scientist hidden, must pass a security inspection in her lab by the vicious Atlas Crusade that has swept to power.

When the leader of the security team demands an unusual VR request in her lab, Prof. Meliss must decide between keeping her lover safe or secretly undertaking a consciousness swap that could end the Crusade's five-year long relentless rule. A rule that has co-opted all scientific research to aid their global expansion, rendering Prof. Meliss and Prof. Lauren expendable, as legions of other researches wait to step into their lab if either woman dishonors the great Crusade.


En route to create Earth’s first extra solar colony, while still grieving his son’s accidental death in the ship’s thermal outlet, Captain Finch discovers a familiar face waiting on Planet Deka.


As the discovery derails the mission, as Deka’s familiar face unhinges the crew and jeopardizes the colony’s founding, only Finch can fulfil the mission objective.


Because, perhaps, it took his great pioneering spirit to enlist himself and his son in the first place. To boldly go, wasn’t that what humanity was supposed to do?